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EverQuest Platinum
EverQuest resource site covering all aspects of EQ such as items, bestiary, spells, and more.
Online since 2000!! Explore a fresh new world with danger around every corner. Vanqish evil, trudge dark dungeons, run a shoppe, or just socialize at the bank.
2Shazzy’s Shard
Full SE / Custom ML, 900 skill/250 stat total. Customs,Earn your skills,Crafters dream
3Pangaea shard – the edge of the world
AoS Enabled – RolePlay required – PvP allowed – Great playerbase – Helpful towards beginners – Very active script development – Friendly staff – Good atmosphere – You must try it out!
4Tanjiers.org V2 – Ultimate Ultima Online
Ultima Online resource, covering both OSI and emulators. We have tutorials, downloads, links, reviews, and more. News is updated daily for both OSI and emulation.
5 Ultima Online Secrets, Cheats and Bugs
Source for UO Cheats and Gold Making Secrets
Cheats, Bugs, Secrets, Tipps, Rares-Guide…
7Monty Python Shard
We have fully fuctional house system, treasure map system and many custom items. A shard for both the serious player and Monty Python fans alike. Over 1 year on-line !
8Oracle Shores Shard
The World’s Greatest!
9The Abyss. The Dream of Fantasy
51a Sphere: All year long. 24/7. Live, growing Ultima-Online world. International shard, with 300-450 clients online from all over the world. 100mb bandwidth. Join US.
10Dominaria (Free UO Shard)
Dominaria is a great shard, which tries it’s best to keep the shard as the players want it. We have a great level system. Currently looking for advanced scriptors and other staff. Come check it out.
11Stone Keep
A shard that is not like OSI
12The Fellowship Shard
Free Ultima Online shard running dual Athlons on T3 from Avatarpatch.
13Lands Of Hadit
A free Ultima Online PKing shard. Tons of custom
14Guardians of Chivalry
Guardians of Chivalry is one of the oldest and largest guilds within Ultima Online. Boasting a number of over 300 members on the Cheasapeake Shard, it is a great guild to be a part of.
15FireFlight 3: the Resurrection
UOML, Balanced play, Custom races, custom graphics, custom resources too many customs to list
Nouveau concepte, 17 monstres inedits et 2 nouvelle ville et joues seulement sur le TA2
17Legends Of Eriador – Ultima Online Shard
Legends of Eriador is back, we have new style crafting menus, thousands of rares, new houses, items and more. Currently looking for testers, check out the site…
18Neverwinter UO Shard
A new roleplaying shard (Opening soon). Seeking dedicated, mature players. For those Interested in D&D type roleplaying Neverwinter is a unique shard with countless originals.
19Free Shard Power Gamer
A message board for all the power gamers out there to discuss different shards and techniques. Hosted by EZboard.
Adult only shard, Not for children. Advanced system of roleplaying. Lots of fun activitys everyday. Great place to sit back and take a load off.
21Restoration Shard
Free Russian Ultima Online shard offers an amazing game experience in a huge play world, filled in with mystical creatures and the spirit of ancient wars and magery.
22New Shard
Hail, Great people I am in need of a host a scripter and a website making that can make intros. This is the beging of a great shard, I have come from OSI. We dont have a name yet so give us ideas
23Epic Shard
Chaos has delt a horrible blow against the forces of Order Britinia is all but controled by Chaos, you are one of the last of Humanity to have survivied the Tragedy….
24Origin Darkness
A Great PvP shard offering 3 gm skills for new accounts now!
25UO Dark Age Trilogy
UO DAT is un great shard with a good pvp. a good commercial system and life real pg, advanced scripts and good scripters.The uo DAT is gdr on and the world is interactive with players.