GameLists.Net is a top sites list that is dedicated in showing you the best sites. We have 20 games lists, each with their own respective sites.

Ranking of pages are done according to the number of votes in by a site each week. A ‘vote’ occurs when a person clicks on the GameLists.Net voting link on a site’s page, and then clicks on ‘OK’ to vote. Advanced anti-cheating measures are taken in order to ensure the lists remain free of cheaters. Additionally, we are ranked based on unique votes per week.

We use the powerful and versatile LoadedList, a commercially available top sites list.

Every week, we reset the number of votes in [a member can still view them from accessing the member’s section] so that new sites have a fair chance of reaching the top.

The benefits to this is that sites with higher ranking are usually better than sites found through a search engine. Anyone can optimize a site for search engines, but getting people to vote for them is an entirely different matter.